Anderson K9 Training offers a number of training classes specifically for special circumstances. These include agility course training, protection for family and property, as well as a number of important specialties for police agency K9 program needs.

Protection Training

image-training-dog-attackOur one-of-a-kind program that trains specific dogs how to be both compassionate, loving family members as well as precise, effective tools to protect you, your family and property.

  • Not a liability – not aggressive, not attack trained
  • A loving and trustworthy member of your family
  • Suspicious of strangers, yet willing to accept someone whom you say is okay
  • Confident enough in his/her opinions to decide when a stranger is a threat, and to back up that threat with growling and possibly attacking if necessary
  • Willing to do anything to protect his/her beloved family.

You want a dog that has the bred-in instinct to be suspicious and alert. You want a dog that is willing to be a part of your pack and accept you as pack leader. Most of what you are looking for is achieved by breeding, not by training. Picking the right dog is …[the essential first step]. As far as training, it is important not to use a harsh method of training where you destroy all the dog’s initiative. You need to use training methods that encourage the dog to think and make decisions. You also need to make sure that you are always the ‘alpha’ [pack leader], the “loving dictator.” For in-house security, a loud, deep (big dog) bark from an alert watchdog might be all you need. I say “might” because you may also want the dog to stop anyone who tried to harm a family member – that is, you might feel the need for a protection dog.

Note: evaluation of dog must be done before lessons.

Scent Detection

Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. Humans have about 5 million cells devoted to smelling, but dogs have about 220 million, as well as four times the brainpower devoted to processing scents.

Canines use their incredible sense of smell to interpret the world and detect resources that have value to them and us if we teach them. Dogs can detect and alert their handlers to target odors hidden in a multitude of environments including but not limited to deep underwater and underground. Many of our client, continue training their dogs. We offer a variety of specialty scent detection training courses that challenge handler to use their dog to locate a specific scent.

Whether your passionate about training your dog to their full potential, an individual who wants to supplement their income using their dog or a Law Enforcement or Security Agency desires to implement a K9 Scent Detection Unit, Anderson K9 Training can provide a service for you.

Tracking/Trailing – Search & Rescue

Most of us have seen search and rescue dogs locating lost children on television shows. On TV, dogs use any means possible to find a lost person, from sniffing for human scent in the air to sniffing an article of clothing and tracking that individual’s unique scent. While search and rescue dogs are capable, in principle, of being trained as both air scent and trailing dogs, most dog handlers train their dogs to perform only one of these disciplines. Therefore, the most valuable dog team, in terms of obtaining a high probability of detection, is one with a dog that can switch back and forth between air scenting and trailing as conditions dictate. All humans, alive or dead, constantly emit microscopic particles bearing human scent. Millions of these are airborne and are carried by the wind for considerable distances.

We offer basic introduction to Search & Rescue (SAR) and Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) training. The handler and dog will learn the basic fundamentals of locating a hidden person and locating articles in an open field.


A cadaver dog or human remains dog is a special type of police dog which has been trained to search for cadavers and human remains. With the use of a cadaver dog, rescue crews can identify dead bodies in wreckage for future removal, and cadaver dogs can also be used by crime units to find areas where a cadaver might have been buried, stored, or dismembered.


image-training-detection-dogAnderson K9 Training trains and certifies teams to the same K9 standards and Guidelines set by the New Jersey’s Office of the Attorney General and Department of Criminal Justice. All dogs are carefully evaluated, selected and trained to detect the odor it is trained to locate in homes, schools, workplace environments, vehicles and open areas. Certified K9’s let the handler know where a substance is located by a passive or aggressive alert. The dogs are trained to detect the odor of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.


In our society where firearm incidents are unfortunately increasing, a properly trained dog can provide the public with a level of security. Dogs will be imprinted and trained to sniff out black and smokeless powders, ammunition, and firearms from the distinctive odor they produce. Dogs will be trained to work in large crows, schools, sporting and entertainment events, airports or wherever their services are needed. All prospective K9 candidates must be social and balanced to be certified as a Firearms and Ammunition Detection Dog.

Bed Bug Detection

Bed bug detection dogs are specially trained by handlers to identify the scent of bed bugs. With the increased focus on green pest management and integrated pest management, bed bug detection dogs are gaining popularity in North America. Dogs are a safer alternative to pesticide use as a management strategy. If operators can find out exactly where bed bugs are located, they can minimize the area that needs to be sprayed. Dogs smell in parts per trillion, something a human cannot do, and detect bed bugs through all life cycle phases from eggs to nymphs to adults.


Dog Agility is a rapidly growing sport worldwide. On an agility course the dog is challenged to confront several obstacles and pass over, under or around them successfully. Any dog, no matter what breed, would benefit from being involved in agility. Agility not only exercises the body, but it also refreshes and stimulates the mind.

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