Need to Change Your Dogs Behavior?

Let Anderson K9 Training Show You the Way

Does your dog have issues with:

  • Aggression
  • Biting Humans/Animals
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
  • Territory
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Escaping

image-asa-training-with-dog-and-personIf you’re dealing with moderate to severe dog behavior issues, Anderson K9 Training can help. Boasting more than 30 years of experience as a police dog trainer, lead trainer Asa understands the importance of correcting negative canine behavior— before it gets worse.

4 Reason to Enroll in Behavior Modification

  • Socialization. If your dog is overly aggressive toward people or other dogs, then they’re an accident waiting to happen. Don’t put your friends, family or neighbors at risk! Bring your dog to Anderson K9 Training.
  • Obedience. Does your dog refuse to stop or come at your command? If so, what might happen if your dog got loose near a busy intersection? Let us help to make your dog more obedient for many happy years to come.
  • Happiness. Dogs are social animals and are happiest when they know their place in the pack. Let us give you a happy, well-behaved pooch.
  • Saving Lives. We have saved many dogs from being destroyed through rehabilitation and desensitized training. We can help save your dog’s life.

Overnight Board & Train Option

2 to 4 Week Behavioral Modification Training

This program is designed for the dog that has bitten or attacked another dog or person! I found that a dog that is severely reactive whether to other dogs or people could take a little longer to rehabilitate and trust the leadership and boundaries that we set. This starts by removing them from there own environment and setting a solid foundation for them to build off of. Once we set the foundation, structure, and leadership is when we start to change the dogs’ state of mind from anxious/fearful, nervous to calm and collective. Once this is accomplished the unwanted behavior(s) are more controllable!

The training includes a 30-minute consultation the day you drop your dog off, a 2-hour follow-up when picking up your dog where I will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success. Each board and train includes your dog going home with an e-collar, prong collar and 2 follow up lessons.

Note: Aggressive dogs might need more than 2 weeks. All cases of aggressive behavior will require a consultation to determine the level of aggression. Price will be quoted after consultation.

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Listening and Understanding Commands

“She is now listening to me and understanding commands. She and I are both happier and I am now looking forward to working with my others dogs on my own. Thanks so much Asa, you are truly gifted.” Read More

A Marked Difference

“We took our 1yr old rescue to Asa in December of 2015. He had some behavior issues. When he brought him back two weeks later there was a marked difference. I would highly recommend Asa.” Read More